Advance's Cyclone Products
Advance's Cyclone high-pressure surface cleaning machines clean deep into outdoor surfaces, increase productivity, eliminate water waste and aid EPA compliance.

High Pressure Walk-Behind Series

Advance Cyclone CY200


The Advance Cyclone CY210 walk-behind pressure washer and recovery system delivers unmatched surface cleaning and water recovery for professional cleaners.

TR5500 / TR5000™

The Advance Cyclone TR5500 and TR5000 pressure washing trailers will take outdoor surface cleaning to the next level when combined with the Advance Cyclone CY210™ Walk-Behind Surface Cleaning Head.
Advance Cyclone TR5500/TR5000

High Pressure Operator Driven

Advance Cyclone 4500

CY5000™ & CY5500™

The Advance CY5000™ & CY5500™ deep cleans concrete and asphalt surfaces creating a cleaner, more inviting outdoor environment. The world’s first fully autonomous rider pressure washer. Surface cleaning without the hassle of working with umbilical hoses for supply and recovery.

Ultra-High Pressure Operator Driven

Cyclone 4006™

The Advance Cyclone 4006™ remove's rubber marks from both grooved and smooth runways without damaging the integrity of the surfaceand with optional paint removal head can safely remove and recover painted lines.
Advance Cyclone 4006

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