Innovative Design Deep Cleans with Environmental Approach that Recovers Water and Debris

The Advance Cyclone 4006™ deep cleans outdoor surfaces more effectively and in less time than other methods. A patented cleaning and recovery head aggressively cleans and removes buildup with no damage to the surface. Water and debris is recovered and separated, and nothing is left behind but a clean surface that dries quickly.

Over time, rubber buildup on airport runways can create a safety hazard. Advance’s Cyclone machines remove rubber marks from both grooved and smooth runways without damaging the integrity of the surface, whether it’s concrete or asphalt.

Painted lines are critical safety elements at airports and on highways and roadways. Advance’s Cyclone machines remove painted lines without damaging the surface, leaving it clean, dry and ready for repainting. All of the water used for cleaning as well as the painted line debris are recovered, ensuring an environmentally friendly solution to painted line removal.


  • Designed specifically for airport applications.
  • Exceptional maneuverability.
  • Speed infinitely adjustable from 0 to 17 mph/27 kph.
  • Completely self contained one person operation.
  • Climate controlled cab.
  • Cantilevered cab design provides operator direct line-of-sight view of cleaning path.
  • Remote viewing camera gives operator 360 degree visibility with no blind spots.
  • Two permanently mounted Cyclone cleaning heads switch from rubber removal to paint line removal in minutes.
  • Only 1,600 gallons/6,056 liters of water capacity.
  • Onboard recovery and waste separation.
  • Automatic simultaneous separation of waste from cleaning water.
  • Recovery system not dependant on surface seal eliminating leakage or runoff.
  • External vacuum source not required.
  • Surfaces left clean and usable in minutes.


Advance Cyclone 4006™
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Advance Cyclone 4006™ - Runway Centerline Cleaning
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Advance Cyclone 4006™ - Features, Benefits & Comparisons
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Advance Cyclone 4006™ Brochure
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Advance Cyclone 4006 Advance Cyclone 4006 Advance Cyclone 4006 Advance Cyclone 4006 Advance Cyclone 4006 Advance Cyclone 4006 Advance Cyclone 4006 Advance Cyclone 4006 Advance Cyclone 4006

  • Runway Rubber Removal
  • Paint Line Removal
  • Pavement Markings & Coatings Removal

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