Contract Cleaning

Airport Runway Rubber Removal Services and Pavement Line Marking Removal Services

Nilfisk-Advance provides sustainable contract cleaning services for airport runway rubber and paint line removal as well as ramp area and parking structure surface cleaning. Using equipment that features Nilfisk-Advance’s patented Cyclone cleaning technology, we offer our customers proprietary high-pressure and ultra-high pressure cleaning services that are economical and environmentally friendly.

The patented Cyclone cleaning technology offers customers the highest levels of sustainable outdoor surface cleaning available in the marketplace today. Nilfisk-Advance’s contract surface cleaning team of highly-trained and experienced operators use this equipment to provide unmatched airport runway and ramp area maintenance. Compared to other runway cleaning methods that use harmful chemicals or machines that can damage the runway surface, Cyclone machines use only high pressure water and high velocity air movement to safely and effectively clean the surface. In addition, the unique Cyclone head provides instant recovery of waste and water with no runoff or discharge to the environment. The surface is left clean without standing water – ready for immediate use.

Recovered waste is pumped to an on-board tank that separates the solids from the liquids for easy and environmentally responsible disposal. While other service machines create a slurry of recovery water and debris that is dumped down the drain, Cyclone machines contain the non-hazardous, crumb-like rubber debris removed from the airport runways which can be safely disposed of or recycled.

With over 20 years of runway rubber and paint line removal experience, we have provided some of the busiest airports in the world with exceptional customer service.

For more information, please contact:
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Nolan Tomasik

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