Cyclone Technology
The patented CYCLONE closed-loop cleaning, recovery & recycling system is the perfect marriage of technology and ecology.

The CYCLONE System was developed specifically to meet the challenges of preventing ground water contamination and is the most efficient and environmentally safe technology to come about for cleaning outdoor hard surfaces in decades.

While most surface cleaning methods rely on abrasive action, chemicals, or merely smear the contaminated reside and cleaning water from one area to another, CYCLONE’S multi-patented cleaning system is non-abrasive and more effective than any other cleaning method at removing petroleum-based waste, rubber, and paint lines from large concrete and asphalt surfaces.  CYCLONE’S Cleaning Systems complete the cleaning process with no harm to the environment and no damage to the cleaned surface, making other systems obsolete and environmentally irresponsible.

The patented CYCLONE SYSTEM simultaneously cleans and recovers virtually 100 percent of waste products from hard surfaces and does so without damage to the cleaned surface, and without contaminated runoff. The surface is left clean, dry and usable immediately.

The core of CYCLONE’S patented closed-loop system is the patented Cyclone cleaning and recovery Head.  On the CY5000™ & CY5500™, heated water is applied at high pressure from a 4500 psi, 5 gpm pump. The Cyclone 4006 cleaning heads apply water at pressures up to 43,000 psi.  The cleaning head efficiently cleans debris and residue left by rubber tires, oil, fuel, glycol and spills, even paint stripes from hard surfaces, with no surface damage and no run-off.

As the CYCLONE cleaning and recovery head removes the contaminated liquids and waste from the surface, the waste stream passes through the patented on-board filtration and recycling system, separating the concentrated waste from the cleaning water. On the CY5000™ & CY5500™, the water is filtered and recycled back through the CYCLONE cleaning and recovery head, re-using the water throughout the cleaning process. At the end of the cleaning shift, the filters are cleaned and the liquid waste and concentrated solids are removed and containered.


  • Superior Cleaning
  • No damage to cleaned surface
  • Instant Recovery…NO Run-Off
  • Water Filtration and Recycling… Environmentally Responsible
Advance Cyclone 4006 Advance CY5000™ & CY5500™ Advance Cyclone 4006 Advance Cyclone TR5500/TR5000

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