Resorts, Casinos and Theme Parks offer unique hard surface cleaning challenges. Areas to be cleaned are often public places where the noise and mess of a typical cleaning system can be disruptive. Parked vehicles, landscape features, kiosks and advertising structures and signs, sidewalks, curbs and narrow ramps also confine these areas.

In the past this has forced the use of inefficient pressure washing equipment or scrubbers. Pressure Washing means tugging heavy hoses, wet feet, and uncontrolled runoff of thousands of gallons of wastewater into gutters and drains. Scrubbers mean cross-contamination from smearing contaminated reside and cleaning water from one area to another.

ADVANCE’S CY5000™ & CY5500™, Cleaning Systems enables self-contained cleaning machines to not only deep clean the surface better than any other method, thoroughly removing surface contaminates, but it does so quickly, economically, and in an environmentally safe manner. Designed to make parking structures and lot cleaning easy, this golf cart sized machine operates easily in confined areas. It’s Hydraulic 4-Wheel Power Steering provides tight turning radius and exceptional maneuverability.

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