Surface buildup of grease, oil and rubber in industrial areas such as factories, refineries, tank farms, container facilities, rail yards and manufacturing plants, warehouses and loading docks require surface cleaning equipment that is powerful and efficient. CYCLONE'S Low Pressure, High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure systems have the muscle to do the job no matter how large or dirty the area.

Most surface cleaning scrubbers utilize dirty water over and over, smearing the dirt around and redistributing it, not actually cleaning. It’s like sweeping the dirt under a rug. Pressure washing equipment use large amounts of water to clean, leaving it run off into gutters and storm drains polluting the very environment they are meant to clean.

CYCLONE'S closed loop systems, including the CY5000™ & CY5500™, apply clean water to the surface then capture 100% of the liquid waste and debris. This dirty water is then filtered, the waste separated and stored on-board, and the water filtered for re-use. This clean water is then reused over and over again throughout the cleaning process.

When real power is needed, such as removing paint from concrete or asphalt, the CYCLONE 4006 Ultra High Pressure Surface Cleaning System is the right system for the job.

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