It's no accident that the word Environmental is included in ADVANCE’S CYCLONE Environmental Surface Cleaning Systems. From the company's founding ADVANCE CYCLONE'S core mission has been to provide practical, environmentally sound solutions to hard surface cleaning.

ADVANCE’S CYCLONE Environmental Surface Cleaning Systems are the ONLY hard surface cleaning systems that simultaneously cleans, instantly recovers, filters and separates the water from the waste, recycling and reusing the cleaning water. It’s all accomplished onboard a single, operator-driven machine, leaving nothing behind but a clean, dry surface that is usable immediately

ADVANCE’S CYCLONE closed-loop systems, including the CY5000™ & CY5500™, apply clean water to the surface and capture virtually 100% of the liquid waste and debris. This dirty water is then filtered, the waste separated and stored on-board, and the water filtered for re-use. This clean water is then reused over and over again throughout the cleaning process.

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