Since its development in 1994, ADVANCE’S CYCLONE System has been tested in extreme environments and used at some of the biggest and dirtiest places in the world - AIRPORT GATES AND RUNWAYS.

Throughout its product development and field-testing phases, ADVANCE’S CYCLONE has performed Gate Cleaning, Runway Rubber Removal and Paint Line Removal at most of the Airports in the Pacific Southwest of the United States. Airports like Los Angeles International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, San Diego Airport, Portland International Airport, Salt Lake City Airport, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, and St. Louis Lambert Field International Airport, to name a just few.

We’ve tested ADVANCE’S CYCLONE System in every extreme climate and environment we could find. We’ve also put the system to extreme testing on military bases, including aircraft carrier decks.

ADVANCE’S CYCLONE System has proven itself extremely fast, efficient and economical at removing rubber, paint lines, curing compound, asphalt coatings, grease and oil, glycol and other contaminants from ramp and gate areas, landing strips, hangers, helicopter pads, runways and taxiways. It does so with NO discharge to the environment and NO damage to the cleaned surface.

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